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SCTI campus, library progress
Wed  Sep 17 2014 01:00AM
SARASOTA COUNTY — During a workshop meeting Tuesday morning, Scott Lempe, deputy superintendent for the Sarasota County School District, updated School Board members on the status of the North Port … Find out how to read more online.
Local Goodwill stores announce data breach
Wed  Sep 17 2014 01:00AM
NORTH PORT — Goodwill Manasota announced that a data breach which stretched over a year and a half has impacted a number of their area stores in four different counties. … Find out how to read more online.
All Faiths vegetables coming to Englewood
Mon  Sep 15 2014 08:00AM
SARASOTA — More than 30 people stood in line Wednesday morning in the parking lot of the Sarasota Hope Center waiting for fresh vegetables from All Faiths’ Sprout program. “It’s … Find out how to read more online.
Bud Gerow served with ‘Merrill’s Marauders’ in Burma during WWII
Tue  Sep 16 2014 02:46PM
“Merrill’s Marauders” is what newspaper reporters who covered their exploits a lifetime ago during World War II called them. Officially they were the “5307th Composite Unit Provisional,” a long-range penetration … Find out how to read more online.
State, National and World News
Stocks end higher as investors await news from Federal Reserve
Wed  Sep 17 2014 01:19AM
NEW YORK (AP) — The stock market rose Tuesday as investors waited to find out when the Federal Reserve might raise interest rates. Stocks flitted between gains and losses through most of the morning, then turned broadly higher in the … read more.

Ukraine lawmakers ratify landmark deal with Europe
Wed  Sep 17 2014 01:19AM
KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine moved to resolve months of crisis Tuesday by strengthening ties to Europe and loosening some controls over the country’s rebellious eastern regions where it has been fighting Russian-backed separatists. The actions by lawmakers began to … read more.

US ground troops in Iraq possible
Wed  Sep 17 2014 01:19AM
WASHINGTON — American ground troops may be needed to battle Islamic State forces in the Middle East if President Barack Obama’s current strategy fails, the nation’s top military officer said Tuesday as Congress plunged into an election-year debate of Obama’s … read more.

Street gangs tone down use of colors, tattoos
Wed  Sep 17 2014 01:19AM
HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Nearly gone are the gang days of the 1980s and ’90s, when the Bloods wore head-to-toe red, the Crips wore blue and Latin Kings wore black and gold. Gangs from coast to coast have toned down … read more.

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More Local News
200 years of lyrical pride
Sun  Sep 14 2014 08:00AM
Today is the 200th anniversary of the penning of our national anthem’s words by Francis Scott Key in 1814. The anthem is a staple at patriotic church services, memorial events and baseball games. But some locals are familiar with “The … Find out how to read more online.

Police study to finish on time
Sat  Sep 13 2014 08:00AM
NORTH PORT — Almost four months into the outside analysis of the North Port Police Department, City Manager Jonathan Lewis said he believes the organization is still on track for a report within the original 135-day estimated time frame. The … Find out how to read more online.

New floodplain maps await final approval
Sun  Sep 14 2014 08:00AM
NORTH PORT — The city is waiting for final approval of an updated floodplain map, which ultimately will be used in determining flood insurance rates within the city. The updated and complete maps, Stormwater Manager Elizabeth Wong said, will give … Find out how to read more online.

Quality Health awarded gold seal
Sat  Sep 13 2014 08:00AM
NORTH PORT — Quality Health Care Center in North Port has joined the list of long-term health facilities in the state to be awarded the Governor’s Gold Seal Award. The state Agency for Health Care Administration announced Tuesday that QHCC, … Find out how to read more online.

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